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Peace Silk

ambercoppings : April 4, 2010 1:07 am : Focus on Fabrics, Spotlight, Studio Updates

A really important goal of mine is to incorporate even more eco-friendly processes and materials into my life and business. One of the results of this goal is my exploration into Peace Silk. Peace Silk, or vegetarian silk, is made using silk that does not hurt the silkworm in the creation of the material. There are also many other kind of earth-friendly silks available, including “Tussah” wild silks. Wild Silks are gathered from wild silkworms after they have naturally expelled the silk from their bodies. Since these wild silkworms eat all sort of different kinds of trees, the silk from wild silkworms may be green, or red, or other colors! no dye needed!

Recently, I bought some of the silk organza peace silk. It has dyed wonderfully! It’s a bit thicker than more commercially available silk organza, but I think this will lend itself to my three-dimensional processes. It’s about 4 times more expensive than other silk organzas, though, so I am being very conservative in my use of it. I’ll post some photos of some finished pieces once their, ahem…finished!

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My very first handmade pendant

ambercoppings : April 1, 2010 12:27 am : Inspirations, Misc., Spotlight

My very first handmade copper pendant jumped over the Heinz Factory

It jumped over the Heinz Factory.

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Inspiration: Elizabethan Collars

ambercoppings : March 22, 2010 3:58 am : Inspirations, Misc., Spotlight, Studio Updates, Uncategorized

amtextiles orange purple silk scarf

Queen Elizabeth in her collar I love voluminous fabrics. That’s part of why I have created the amtextiles line of three-dimensional fabric accessories. One of the most iconic voluminous accessories in the western aesthetic is the Elizabethan collar. Many fashion designers have used it to inspire a collection. Though I am not the first, translating the collar using Japanese shibori fabric dyeing and fabric manipulation techniques is unusual.

You can see the design/texture connection in the two photos above. I do not want the restriction that the traditional collar seems to give and the implied hautiness needed to go. The volume around the face needed to stay and some color added! The dramatic, elegant, yet feminine approach seems to convey the confidence of the modern woman.

I’m still playing around with volume using stitches and geometric shapes. You can see one of the first finished amtextiles in this direction here.

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