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Featured Artist: Two Crow Studio

ambercoppings : December 5, 2013 7:21 am : Featured Artists, Featured Items, Spotlight, Studio Updates, Xmittens

amy mangis mugs amy magis two crow studio 2 Do you have a favorite mug? You know, the one that you cup in your hands while staring out the window at the snow falling. Or, the one that is the go-to mug for that day when your not feeling so great and you just NEED some extra comfort?

I definitely have a favorite mug and it was made by Two Crow Studio‘s potter, Amy Mangis.  She has a wonderful understanding of mod/retro colors that, in her hands, turn out with a contemporary twist. LOVE it!

So, when I opened my Studio Pop-Up Shop in November, I knew that Amy’s work had to be represented. Through the holidays, you can find a wonderful collection of her mugs, plus berry bowls, serving platters, salt and pepper shakers and more! Stop by the Studio Pop-Up Shop any weekend before Xmas from 12pm-4pm, including December 7-8 during the Lawrenceville Cookie Tour!

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New Xmittens Gift Wrapping!

ambercoppings : December 1, 2013 5:56 pm : Featured Items, Spotlight, Xmittens


Xmittens Furushiki Gift Wrap 1Beautiful, simple and eco-friendly gift wrap for every Xmittens gift! Take it easy this year and let me wrap all your Xmittens gifts and gift sets in handmade fabric gift wrap using furushiki techniques.

Furushiki are traditional Japanese methods of wrapping gifts and objects in special cloths. For Xmittens furushiki, I have added a wonderful upcycled circle pin created by artisan, Sevenply! Each pin is created from the wood of an old skateboard deck and is one of a kind.

Xmittens Furushiki Gift Wrap 4Each furushiki cloth was created using home decor samples saved from the landfill (Thanks Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse!) and awesome pins. Most fabrics have a large floral, or abstract print and each pin has a wonderful graphic design.

This method will not work for larger items…purchase the Xmittens Reusable Gift Bag for larger items and to hold gift sets of multiple items.
Reusable bags are sewn from Organic Cotton jersey and are the perfect size for errands and grocery trips. Jocelyn Forest Green Jacket Black Xmittens Black Bag

Order them both together make a great gift set of Furushiki wrapped Xmittens and reueable gift bag- right on! Find both methods as separate listings in my Etsy shop here. Or, stop by my Studio Pop-Up Shop during open hours.

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Note from a Customer

ambercoppings : November 30, 2013 1:20 pm : Featured Customers, Spotlight, Xmittens

Recently, I received this wonderful note from a customer of mine and wanted to share….

Cherl's first pair of Xmittens were similar to these ( I remember!!)

Cheryl’s first pair of Xmittens were similar to these ( I remember!!)

My husband and I have been purchasing Xmittens for at least seven years. We found Amber’s mittens at a craft-fair during the holiday season and Steve loved how they felt and how unique they looked. So, he purchased them for me as a present. When I opened the gift, I fell in love with them! They were sooo soft and warm!

Unfortunately for me (but luckily overall!) I lost one of gloves. Fearing that we’d never see these type of gloves again, I purchased another set of (inferior) gloves. These barely lasted the rest of the winter.

The next holiday season, there she was again! And she had improved upon her design! Well, we couldn’t resist. Every holiday season someone has bought me a pair of Xmitten gloves or hats. The last pair I bought, short black gloves with dyed material stitched into them, get me a lot of compliments. (I haven’t lost this set yet!)

-Thanks, Cheryl, for this awesome testimonial about Xmittens! I look forward to seeing both you and Steve each year!

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Xmittens & Ludmila’s Emporium Pop-Up Shop Hours

ambercoppings : November 29, 2013 1:31 pm : Spotlight, Studio Updates, Xmittens

The Pop-UP Shop is open all weekends through the holiday and a smattering of weekday hours, too. Check out the current schedule below. More details on the specific events on some of the weekends soon!

November 30, 12pm-4pm  (Small Business Saturday)

December 1- 1pm-4pm

December 7 & 8 (Lawrenceville Cookie Tour)- 12pm-5pm

December 14 & 15 (Xmittens DIY Gift Set Weekend)- 1pm-5pm

December 21-22 (Solstice Sale)- 12pm-5pm

Check out details other upcoming events here.

red hoodie vest cape with navy-red convertible xmittens amber coppings designs

Not only does the Studio Pop-Up Shop carry Xmittens, there are also:

Handmade Ceramic Mugs & Dinnerware from Two Crow Studios

Vintage Clothing & Homewares from my own collection

Hand-dyed Fabrics and Furushiki Wrapping Cloths

and soon….

refinished and handpainted furniture by Sandy Vansuch of Ludmila’s Emporium and GRRR! children’s clothing.

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Shipping Cheat Sheet

ambercoppings : November 27, 2013 12:26 pm : Spotlight, Xmittens

Hey all!

I don’t know about you, but I do almost all of my holiday gift buying online. I found this great infographic that gives the shipping deadlines to keep in mind as you browse around on the internet.


Click on the image if you want to see it bigger on the website of it’s source, ShipStation.

So, check it out and happy online shopping!

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