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Arts Advocacy 2017

Every day that I work as a Teaching Artist is another day that I see the positive changes that art can bring to students, teachers, schools, and communities. Whether it’s with 5 year olds learning about spiders and the various environments that they can live in; or 7th graders learning how to use mandala art more »

Loss & …

My lovely, sweet, kind and thoughtful mother passed away in January after a long, sad journey with cancer. Said journey was also filled with her humor, her love, her wonderful vegetarian recipes, her intelligent advice, her love of history and forensic science nonfiction books and with her being a very good friend and mom to more »

Spring Education

I love spring. The other day Adam and I took a walk in our woods and saw 2 turkeys, 2 woodpeckers, 2 snakes, 1 hawk watching over the nest and numerous bugs, cardinals, robins and other small birds. It was amazing, Spring is also the time of year when I want to start new things. more »

Small Biz Advice: How to adjust during a personal crisis

Life has been severely challenging for me for awhile now.  I am currently on a long, hard road full of family emergencies, sickness and, for one of my dear parents and other people I was close to, death.  Of course, in the midst of all of this I started my own business and in November more »

My Story: Education & Training

I never thought I would become a teacher.  Actually, I resisted it in college (Carlow University when it was still just a College).  Most people in the art therapy crew pursued an arts education certificate as a back up plan.  We were all required to take an arts education class, or two for our art more »

I’m Thankful For…

…my customers! Like Corben Scotton who is traversing on foot (and in his new Xmittens) all the way across the U.S this fall/winter!  And the lovely Stef Moser who was caught hooping in her hand-dyed Xmittens this summer at the Three Rivers Arts Festival in Pittsburgh (she also makes fantastic hoops!). Your support of my more »

Riding the Line #2

This time next week I am going to be speaking with, schmoozing with, selling to and partying with some of the biggest buyers in the fashion industry. In some moments, I am excited, in others, overwhelmed.  In all moments I am dependent on my trade show plan.  This way, I can keep my overwhelmed feelings more »

Riding the Line between Art, Craft and Fashion

I’ve been selling Xmittens for over 6 years now and have tried all sorts of things…retail shows, emerging artist shows, online sales, consignment, wholesale to boutiques around the world…but not a fashion wholesale show.  As a businessperson that has come from a background of fine art and craft I am really curious as to what more »

New Business Tips Email List!

2011 marks the 5 year anniversary of Amber Coppings Designs! In honor of all that I have learned, I am starting a new Business Tips Email List.  Sharing resources is important to me and I’ve built up quite a list!  When you sign up, you will receive a my Top Six  Etsy Tips for free!  more »

Fabrics Explained: Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton…thank goodness.  Producing cotton is an intensive labor and water-using endeavor.  Organic Cotton, especially when paired with fair labor practices, can be an economy-inducing, eco-friendly, fashion-forward cloth. Organic cotton is created when low impact methods and materials are used when cultivating from start to finish.  Pesticides and fertilizers are not used which saves the more »