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Xmittens Studio Update

“Much of the pain in life comes from having a life plan that you’ve fallen in love with, but that doesn’t work out. Having to find a new life plan hurts. The trick is not to become too attached to any particular life plan and remember that there is always a better, even-happier life plan more »

Small Biz Advice: How to adjust during a personal crisis

Life has been severely challenging for me for awhile now.  I am currently on a long, hard road full of family emergencies, sickness and, for one of my dear parents and other people I was close to, death.  Of course, in the midst of all of this I started my own business and in November more »

Eco-friendly Report Card

Did you know that 6,333,000 tons of clothing and footwear get thrown away every year in the U.S (,)?!   Much of what gets thrown away is made poorly and with an intended short lifespan. Or, consumers change styles and people are not sure what to do with the items they don’t want to wear anymore. more »

Riding the line #3 Post-POOL Tradeshow

Whew!  Looking back at my summer, I realize just how much time I spent towards getting prepared for my recent first foray into wholesale trade shows, POOL.  POOL Tradeshow is a part of the giant MAGIC fashion trade show extravaganza that happens twice a year in Las Vegas.  All the big names in fashion are more »

New Business Tips Email List!

2011 marks the 5 year anniversary of Amber Coppings Designs! In honor of all that I have learned, I am starting a new Business Tips Email List.  Sharing resources is important to me and I’ve built up quite a list!  When you sign up, you will receive a my Top Six  Etsy Tips for free!  more »

The Creative Empire

If you are like me, joining groups may not be your thing.  I like to work with people about as much as I like to work by myself.  Which means, I usually choose to go solo since then I don’t have to wash my hair and I can wear my pajamas whenever I want.  However, more »

The Creative Entrepreneur- strategic business plans for artists!

Every summer, I not only make wonderful new things to unveil in fall, it also means I create my yearly strategic plan.  An artist who thinks strategically is not a person to mess with. Every morning before I start working I create a new visual journal entry inspired by business plans, strategic and creative businesses more »

6 Tips for Effective and Efficient Photo Shoots

I have been running my business for about 4 years and just had my first real fashion photo shoot. Well, let me clarify…my first fashion shoot with a real fashion photographer. Kristin Cofer, a fab lady and photographer, was gracious enough to do this shoot just days before she moved to San Francisco to be more »