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  I am a big collector. When I was little, I collected old people and baby animals. (So did my mom and brother…we usually had a very full house). I also really enjoyed the Poodle figurines that supposedly would change colors depending on what kind of weather would be occurring. (Does anyone else remember those?) more »

Xmittens FAQ’s

Have some questions about shopping for Xmittens online? I recommend heading over to my FAQ page and learning a bit more about how it all works. Some key points to check out: Info on sustainability & recycling Gift Exchange policy Shipping info Custom orders Head on over to learn more about all things Xmittens!

Photo Shoot Bloopers!

Here’s a few shots from my last photo shoot that aren’t right for selling products, but are entertaining none the less!  

Memory Cloth

When I was first interested in Japanese Shibori fabric dyeing, I read a book called Memory on Cloth by Yoshiko Wada (the queen of shibori!).  In it she discussed how shibori is a visual recording of memories on cloth.  The designs that are left behind on the cloth after the fabric coloring/dyeing process contain the more »

New Videos!

I am finding out that I don’t really mind being filmed.   When I was first filmed for TV, I was completely panicked for the months leading up to the shoot.  The reality was, it took less than 15 minutes, everyone was very supportive and, like so many things that intimidate me, it really was not more »

New Business Tips Email List!

2011 marks the 5 year anniversary of Amber Coppings Designs! In honor of all that I have learned, I am starting a new Business Tips Email List.  Sharing resources is important to me and I’ve built up quite a list!  When you sign up, you will receive a my Top Six  Etsy Tips for free!  more »

DIY Demo at Wildcard

On May 7 marked the annual Blossom Tour in Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh. The Blossom Tour is a great day to roam around one of Pittsburgh’s most eclectic and increasingly cool neighborhoods.   Participating stores hand out seeds (all responsibly harvested and/or organic!) to patrons, galleries had fun interactive exhibits and Wildcard asked me to do a demonstration more »

The Creative Empire

If you are like me, joining groups may not be your thing.  I like to work with people about as much as I like to work by myself.  Which means, I usually choose to go solo since then I don’t have to wash my hair and I can wear my pajamas whenever I want.  However, more »

Year of Travel

The year of travel was full of inspiration.

Buy Xmittens, Help the Library!

So, from December 13-18, for every Xmittens order I receive online I will donate $1 to the Carnegie Library system in Pittsburgh.