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  I am a big collector. When I was little, I collected old people and baby animals. (So did my mom and brother…we usually had a very full house). I also really enjoyed the Poodle figurines that supposedly would change colors depending on what kind of weather would be occurring. (Does anyone else remember those?) more »

Knit the Bridge

Knit the Bridge is a textile enthusiasts dream! Knit the Bridge is an awesome project that is working towards yarnbombing one of Pittsburgh’s infamous bridges (WOW!). From the Knit the Bridge website:   What is Knit the Bridge, Pittsburgh? Knit the Bridge is a vision for a grassroots, community-led arts project that would bring the more »

Works in Progress- March 2013

My new studio is glorious. The natural light is amazing. It has been really inspiring to have a place to give my creativity free reign. And what my creativity decided to do with itself in this new space is to go back to some of my sewing roots…applique. As I was packing to move my more »

Meet the Model: Jenn Ferris-Glick

I have the best community of friends, fellow creators and patrons in the whole world.  In honor of a particular group of these awesome people, my models, I am going to feature some of them right here on my blog.  All my models are sincere fans of my work (thank you!) and have graciously given more »

Learning New Skills

For the last few months I have been taking some time each week to learn more about digital textile design.  I bought a book that has been really helpful, “Digital Textile Design” by Melanie Bowls and Ceri Isaac.   Each week I concentrate on learning a new skill, or keep practicing on an old one.  Thankfully, more »

Memory Cloth

When I was first interested in Japanese Shibori fabric dyeing, I read a book called Memory on Cloth by Yoshiko Wada (the queen of shibori!).  In it she discussed how shibori is a visual recording of memories on cloth.  The designs that are left behind on the cloth after the fabric coloring/dyeing process contain the more »

Featured Artist Designer- Yoshiko Wada

Yoshiko Wada is an artist, curator, educator, author and textile researcher and, without her, I never would have gone to Japan. Ms Wada has written several books including Memory on Cloth: Shibori Now (One of the best books I have ever read, Yoshiko Wada is THE expert on shibori. There is a lot of history more »

Featured Designer: Junya Watanabe

Junya Watanabe best known for his high-end fashion that uses unusual and tech-savvy fabrics.  Glow-in-the-dark fibers and waterproof fabrics mixed with volumetric experiments create Watanabe’s signature avant-garde collections. Watanabe first apprenticed with Comme de Garcons where he developed his skills working with the innovative line.  In 1992, Watanabe showed his first solo collection under the more »

Featured Artist- Yoshiko Jinzenji

In my humble opinion, Yoshiko Jinzenji is one of the most fabulous quilt makers and creative people alive today.

Featured Designer: Hiroaki Ohya

Hiroaki Ohya is an enigma of the fashion world.  he straddles the line between fashion and art.  For instance, his “Ohya The Wizard of Jeanz” series of fabric books that, when unfolded, become articles of clothing such as an origami inspired dress, or a pencil skirt.   He created these in a series of 21 more »