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Note from a Customer

Recently, I received this wonderful note from a customer of mine and wanted to share….

Cherl's first pair of Xmittens were similar to these ( I remember!!)

Cheryl’s first pair of Xmittens were similar to these ( I remember!!)

My husband and I have been purchasing Xmittens for at least seven years. We found Amber’s mittens at a craft-fair during the holiday season and Steve loved how they felt and how unique they looked. So, he purchased them for me as a present. When I opened the gift, I fell in love with them! They were sooo soft and warm!

Unfortunately for me (but luckily overall!) I lost one of gloves. Fearing that we’d never see these type of gloves again, I purchased another set of (inferior) gloves. These barely lasted the rest of the winter.

The next holiday season, there she was again! And she had improved upon her design! Well, we couldn’t resist. Every holiday season someone has bought me a pair of Xmitten gloves or hats. The last pair I bought, short black gloves with dyed material stitched into them, get me a lot of compliments. (I haven’t lost this set yet!)

-Thanks, Cheryl, for this awesome testimonial about Xmittens! I look forward to seeing both you and Steve each year!

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