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I am a big collector.

When I was little, I collected old people and baby animals. (So did my mom and brother…we usually had a very full house). I also really enjoyed the Poodle figurines that supposedly would change colors depending on what kind of weather would be occurring. (Does anyone else remember those?)

As I moved into adulthood my collections changed… mostly to objects that were mysterious and/or old and/or look like they have a story to tell. Gratuitous collecting led to a very, very cluttered home and studio, so I try (and try and try) to keep that to a minimum.

Items that I will probably always collect are stones and beach glass. I grew up near Lake Erie, so there was always awesome beach glass to search for and find. You can see some of my more recent acquisitions in this photo. I use many of my favorites as pattern weights in my studio. Every time I use them I feel calmer and remember the waves.

Xmittens Pattern Weights

What do you collect? Is it useful to you in an unusual way?





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