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Spring Education

Spring grass!

Spring grass!

I love spring. The other day Adam and I took a walk in our woods and saw 2 turkeys, 2 woodpeckers, 2 snakes, 1 hawk watching over the nest and numerous bugs, cardinals, robins and other small birds. It was amazing,

Spring is also the time of year when I want to start new things. I mean, the Earth is starting all sorts of new things…I should, too.

So, this spring I have scheduled a whole bunch of classes either to take, or to teach. Here are some updates on my offerings and what I am learning about, too!

yellow bubble scarflette Xmittens

yellow bubble scarflette Xmittens

What I am teaching:

April 20: Sugar & Shibori class- it’s running and has 3 spots open. You can sign up here.

April 24: Open Studio: Fabric Dyeing (includes free Intro to fabric dyeing lesson!)- Sign up here.

May 5: Natural Bundle Dyeing Experimentation Workshop with Rose Clancy and myself. This class is being held at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. Spots are still open- sign up here.

May 8: Open Studio: Fabric Dyeing (also includes a free Intro to dyeing lesson!)- Sign up here.

May 22: Sugar & Shibori– needs some peeps. Sign up here.

June 1 + 2: Shibori Weekend! Join me for a lovely weekend deeply exploring various fabric dyeing methods. Limited to 6 participants. Sign up here.

June 8: Sugar & Shibori- it is running and has 2 spots left open. You can sign up here.

June 9: Advanced Etsy- take your Etsy shop to the next level! Registrations just opened today, but it is limited to 4 spots. Sign up here.

P.S if you take more than one class at my studio in a season (spring, summer, fall, winter), then you are eligible for discounts! I encourage you to explore and experiment in textiles with me.

Multimedia surface design by amber coppings

Multimedia surface design by amber coppings

What am I taking?

For almost a year now I have been taking a class called “The Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design”. It rocks! It is also really intense and takes more time than I can give it right now. However, they make it really easy to save and/or print lessons, etc… It is invaluable to anyone who may want to digitally design products of any sort. Check out Module 3…the module I start later this month.

Then, I am taking a short version of a similar class, but with a different approach. I have just discovered Skillshare, an online education platform, and LOVE it to pieces! You can sign up for this class here and Save $10 (and if you do, then I save $10, too!- Thanks!)

AND I am taking another class on Skillshare on how to create wicked cool T-shirt graphics from designers from Johnny Cupcakes, INC Do you see a trend here? I guess I am getting into digital design hardcore!

What classes are you teaching, or taking this spring? I would love to know! Leave a message in the comments.


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