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New Tricks of the Trade: Surface Pattern Design

When I was growing up and would color in my coloring books and on scraps of paper (and on the walls, carpet and, whenever possible, my skin) my mother would tell me ” That could be a scarf!”, or a bedspread, or a wallhanging.  I never really knew what to make of that…I was just trying to make something interesting out of the materials I was given.

Thirty plus years later and I am quite enamored with making scarves and textiles.  My mom got that one very, very right.

A new way I am learning on how to design textiles is digitally.  I have written a bit about my exploration before.  It has been such a great journey, but I was realizing that I just did not give it the time and energy and creativity it deserved.  So, I decided to take a class.  I found the BEST class in The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design that is run by two phenomenal British women, Beth Nicholls  and Rachael Taylor.  Beth is a life coach who believes we can all do what we love and supports us in doing so with her insight into the business aspects of the career.   Rachael is a downright awesome surface pattern designer that in five weeks has helped me grow as a surface pattern designer and see the possibilities of this method to art and design with lightning clarity.  Together they run an informative, authentic, smart class that is teaching me in leaps in bounds what I was teaching myself in teetering half steps.

Here are some examples of my work so far(all rights reserved, copyright Amber Dawn Coppings 2012).  I find I am more interested in using actual objects to create motifs than in sketching, but I think that will change over time.  I feel the inclination to combine the two in ways that I cannot quite see yet, but I know are brewing.  More to come later…the second module starts in November and I have some catching up to do!

Black and White motifs in repeat Work in Progress, Amber Coppings September 18, 2012

Grass Seeds for Wrapping paper, Amber Coppings, September 23, 2012

Grass seeds in repeat, Amber Coppings, September 23, 2012

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