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Personal Project: Compost Dyeing

I am very excited to announce that I have been offered an opportunity to experiment with compost dyeing in the Garden Lab of the Mattress Factory museum!  Rose Clancy (the installation artist who has been cultivating the Garden Lab since 2010) and I will be experimenting with “bundle dyeing” which is depicted below.  There are many different way to prepare the fabric before bundling, but the main goal is to wet the fabric, layer natural dyestuffs, food scraps and/or rusty objects in the fabric, roll it tight (usually around a stick), bind it and then bury it in compost, or regular ‘ol dirt.  The heat from the compost will help get the natural dyeing processes going and will affect the end results.  While I have been doing some research to get me started, mostly I will be experimenting as I go.  I’ll be documenting what I do and what the results are with both my studio notebook and with photographs.  I will be sure to share here!

Want to come experiment with us?  Visitors to the Mattress Factory are welcome to stop by the Garden lab on Saturdays in September from 10am-12pm to see what we are up to.

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