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How to Wear…The Eva and Anna Hoodie Vests

Tuck the Shawl Collar at both shoulders and pin closed with included circle pin. It makes a comfy turtleneck! 


Pull the hood up and tuck your hands in the lined pockets… 


Wear the shawl collar down and tie it on with a belt. Such a great look for most body types! 


Throw it on and leave the shawl collar down in back…it becomes a cape or shawl. Perfect for the office, or a quick trip to the store. 

A view from the wide racerback with the Hood down into a half-size cape (can be lower on the back). 

Detail of cozy flannel lined pocket. Big enough for your cell phone and Xmittens gloves! Has a flap overlapped top to keep your stuff safely in the pocket.

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